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Anonymous said: Hi! I know this is kind of weird but I was wondering if your tailbone still hurts? I'm asking this because my tailbone started to hurt one day and up till this day doctors still don't know what's wrong. It's been 4 years now.. I just wanted to know whether yours healed up. I hope it did :)

Hello there! It’s been probably about 4 or 5 years since I messed up my tailbone (I sat down too fast without noticing there was a small lamp on the floor and the corner of it hit me straight on the tailbone. Dumb, I know. Lol), but it’s healed now! It definitely took a while though. I would keep going to different doctors until they figure out what it is if it’s really bothering you! I know how painful, and annoying, it can be. I hope you’re all healed up soon! :)

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